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Dana Foley

REGION 3 | Buckingham




About Dana

Dana Foley, her husband, and their children live in Buckingham. Dana is a nurse practitioner, an engaged community member, a volunteer in the school district, and a yoga teacher. Her experience as a parent in CBSD and time as a homeroom coordinator has inspired her to run for the position of School Board Director in order to advocate for students, staff, and families in her community.


Dana Foley is a nurse practitioner with a diverse background in multiple specialties. She has worked in health care for nearly 20 years as a fierce patient advocate as well as a champion of health care quality and patient safety. Dana has spent a significant portion of her career focusing on education in the medical field and is a valued mentor and resource to novice health care providers whom she trains and transitions into their new roles.


If elected, Dana Foley will focus on: 


  • Fiscal responsibility

  • Mental health of students, teachers, and staff

  • Addressing the critical teacher/staff shortages and retaining teachers

  • Working together with the community the power of working together. 

  • Restoring unity 

  • Elevating student voices

  • Transparency

  • Full-day kindergarten

  • Resources for kids with special needs and English Language Learners


Dana Foley has published, presented, and lectured on many various topics, including the elimination of wasteful spending, and excels in diplomatic communication founded on mutual respect and shared purpose. She understands the complexities that individuals and families face in high-stakes situations, utilizes pragmatic and evidence-based clinical decision-making, and advocates for those in need. 

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