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Jenine is passionate and committed to making our Central Bucks School District schools the best they can be for students, families, and our community. Jenine and her husband have lived in the area for 28 years and their son is currently a junior at CB South. One of the primary reasons they chose to make Central Bucks their home was the outstanding reputation for academic excellence in Central Bucks School District. As a parent, Jenine understands the importance of addressing the social and emotional needs of every student to equip them to be successful & contributing members of their community.

Jenine has been very involved in our school community for 11 years, and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. You will find that Jenine has been informed, engaged, and committed as a parent volunteer in many building-wide, region-wide, and district-wide initiatives: Rep. on Superintendent/Parent Advisory Council (Tamanend), Home & School President (Barclay), Race for Education Chair & Team Member (Barclay), Rep. on Elementary Progress Report Redesign Effort (district-wide).  Jenine was instrumental in raising close to $200K for HSA activities, Gaga Pit, recess equipment, field trips, and other resources for Barclay Elementary.


Jenine holds a B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration from Arcadia. She worked in IT & Marketing for 19 years in various roles from programmer to Assistant Vice President (Insurance/Financial Services Industry). In her professional experience, she has managed up to 150 team members and budgets commensurate with Central Bucks School District's annual budget.  As a committed member of our community, Jenine has served as a Training Coordinator on the Executive Board of Special Olympics Bucks County and coached softball & volleyball for 10+ years.

As School Board Director Jenine will:

* Focus on Students -- She believes we must prepare every student for college, the workforce, the military, or any other path they choose after high school. Our schools must provide a physically & emotionally safe and welcoming environment to ensure student success. In addition, we need to strengthen services for students with special needs to enable them to realize their full potential.

* Respect & Civility – As a community, we must model respect, acceptance, and civility to our children. Our School Board Directors should exemplify bipartisanship and focus on the primary goal of looking after the best interests of all students, families, and community members.

* Communicate Clearly -- It has been a difficult year for our district. Communicating clearly with students, teachers, parents, and taxpayers is critical to the success of CBSD. Jenine will communicate with clarity and advocate for transparency in decision-making & financial matters.

Jenine has a proven track record of working effectively & respectfully with others to build consensus and get things done on both professional and community projects. The project management, leadership, problem-solving, and other skills acquired over the course of her career are directly applicable to serving as an effective Central Bucks School Board Director. She is excited about this opportunity to serve our community. 

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