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Dr. Mariam Mahmud is a PA native and a mom of 4. Her kids attend Butler, Unami, and CB South. She along with her husband of 21+ years, enjoy the beauty of Peace Valley Park and Bucks County. Mariam believes strongly in community service and holistic health. She will bring her passion for wellness, mental health, and caring for children to the school board to foster cost-effective and impactful programs. 

Why focus on mental health? 

  • Pre-pandemic, 1-in-5 kids had a mental health condition, but less than 50% received care. 

  • Mental health issues are now at an all-time high with depression symptoms having jumped 300%. The Central Bucks counselor-to-student ratio is below state standards.

  • The benefits of an intervention are seen 6 months after the start when behavioral and mental health problems decrease 31%. 

Whether your child is struggling with depression or anxiety, feels marginalized because of their color, ethnicity, and/or gender, or has special needs, Mariam will advocate for them at the School Board level. Your children's needs are important and should be centered in all board decisions.

Dr. Mariam Mahmud's Plan

  • Ensure mental health-oriented resources for on-site services. 

  • Support parents and caregivers through education and outreach. 

  • Assure equitable and inclusive programs to increase resilience and self-advocacy. 

  • Lead with excellence and stability. 


In addition to her work with children as a physician, she brings many other important attributes that will benefit our schools. Mariam is skilled at listening and bringing people together who hold different beliefs and values. She believes that all stakeholders should be heard. School Board Directors should be nonpartisan, and differences put aside for the interest of all children, schools, and the community.


Mariam has served on a Hospital Quality Assurance Committee and the Board of Directors for an organization that advocates and serves children with disabilities. She also serves as a medical director for a medical screening program, where she organized multiple stakeholders, students, practitioners, and advocacy and interfaith groups. Mariam was fortunate enough to be a part of the Central Bucks School District Diversity Committee. Mariam also serves on the County Mental Health Board.


Mariam will bring these experiences, skills, and knowledge with her to the board where she will work together with all the board members to advocate for our school and our community. 

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