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Rob Dugger

REGION 7 | Warrington

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Rob's Website or Facebook


Rob is passionate about our community and equipping our students for the future. As a father of three daughters, he understands the importance of a comprehensive, well-rounded, and inclusive education for the future success of our children. 

Rob's view on education comes not only from his view as a parent but also from his professional experience in global organizations. He believes it is our job to educate our children for a future in which they find both success and fulfillment through rewarding careers and personal interests such as sports, arts, music, or volunteering. In order to do that, we have to ensure we are looking through a wider lens.

Central Bucks School District's education should match the needs of today's business environment so that our students are: 

  • Able to view the world through an inclusive lens

  • Prepared to be global citizens, in addition to learning how to be skilled employees, entrepreneurs, or academics. 

  • Provided a unique environment to excel with the help of innovative programs for their particular needs. 


Rob believes that continuing our high level of education provides a competitive advantage for students, parents, and taxpayers. The students receive a well-rounded education, parents see their children excel, and taxpayers benefit from quality schools which lead to steady and higher property values.  


When it comes to fiscal responsibility, Rob's philosophy is that we need to ensure we are concentrating on goals that yield savings without sacrificing educational quality and jeopardizing our competitive edge as a community. Listening to those being impacted is integral to the process. Individuals that work in our schools need to be at the forefront of cost containment, cost savings, and continuous improvement. 

Rob and his wife have lived in the area with their three children for over 15 years. All of their children went through CBSD: Mill Creek, Unami, and CB South. Rob is involved in the community in a variety of ways having spent many weekends at sporting events and volunteering for important causes. He is passionate about causes related to children and food security and volunteers time and provides financial support to organizations such as Cradle to Crayons, Manna on Main, and various food security charities in the Philadelphia area.


Rob holds a Bachelors's degree from Temple University and an MBA in Finance. He currently holds a position as an HR Executive at a global medical device company. His experiences working with diverse groups of people have afforded him a unique skill set that is essential to be a successful School Board Director.

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